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Nyagari Community in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe is currently facing El Nino Drought that is threatening food security. We aim to raise £5k to for school/community meals.
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Hello. We are grateful that you are here. Kindly help us to raise funds for Nyagari Primary School in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe, currently facing the El Nino Drought. Our target is to raise £5k for School meals including breakfast and lunch. 

Background Story
Our CEO, Madame Lydia Heather Mudhari is a former student of Nyagari Primary School. She recalls her painful experience as a child growing up in Nyagari Villange during a drought season. Her parents were farmers relying on the rains for a good harvest. During a drought season, the river would dry up, crops destroyed, livestock perished and the food security worsened! Families could only survive on one meal per day and some people could not afford a meal. It was the most scary time for children and very depressing for school children, teachers and parents. This year, the School/community is facing El Nino drought and we will not fold our hands and watch.  Kindly help us to feed a school child/community by choosing the amount from the form and the frequency in which you would like to donate. Your generosity is much appreciated!


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